Save $157 on the full VHS Experience: VHS 1+ 2 + 3 + 4 thru Tue July 30 (discount is reflected in price above)

Each VHS complements the others; this quartet is a full-spectrum harp experience right in your living room. 

Carefully curated workshops, concerts, handouts, and much more from leading harpists: the quartet gives you the very latest in harp learning and performance, accessible to you at any time. So much wisdom and expertise, right at your fingertips!

Expect to move your harping to a whole new level through:

• finding your artistic voice with VHS1: Playing with Expression & Creativity

• playing with ease and stamina with VHS2: Technique

• deep creativity with VHS3: Improvisation, Arrangement & Composition

• the nuts & bolts of everyday harping VHS4: Practice & Performance