Save $118 on VHS 1 + 2 + 3 thru Tue July 30 (discount is reflected in price above)

At VHS.1 we learned "How to Play with Expression & Creativity."

At VHS.2 we built on this, focusing on "Technique."

Now at VHS.3, use this powerful foundation to
dramatically improve your ability to:
Arrange, Improvise & Compose

Finally learn how to arrange your favorite songs, to improvise with confidence, to compose with inspiration:

Come learn from harp teachers and performers who walk their talk.

• Let's demystify Arranging, so that you can make songs your own, and find your personal harp voice/style.

• Let's get you Improvising with ease and confidence, so you'll always have something to play, wherever you are.

• Composing is perhaps the most intimidating topic of all: learn from us how you can contribute your beautiful voice to our harp world.

As you've come to expect from VHS, each top-notch VHS Presenter has been chosen because of their artistic abilities, teaching talents, and compassionate natures.

At VHS you learn in a way that is accessible, liberating and fun.

We can't wait to see what you start creating after VHS.3!