Virtual Harp Summit 2

Virtual Harp Summit.2

All-Access Pass | taught by Dr. Diana Rowan + 25 leading harpists

Course description

SUMMIT 2017 THEME: Technique

"Virtual Harp Summit 1’s theme was “Playing with Expression & Creativity”

From this powerful gathering of 25+ master harpists, we learned Technique is CRUCIAL if we want to play with expression and flow, not to mention ease.

In fact, VHS.1 participants voted for Technique as our theme for VHS.2 – and here we are!

But isn’t Technique hard and boring?

Not with Virtual Harp Summit 2’s lineup!

Finally fall in love with Technique and understand how it sets your playing free.

We’ll be talking about principles - not rules! - and representing harpists from many genres and type of harp.

Each top-notch harpist at Virtual Harp Summit has been chosen because they deeply understand Technique as an artistic tool.

They know how to share about technique in a way that is accessible, liberating and fun.

Let’s get started on owning Technique and playing the way we want to!"

Your Presenters

Alice Giles

Technique & Expression

Peter Roberts

Healing Harp Technique

Josh Layne

Daily Practice Technique

Cynthia Cathcart

Demystifying Wire-Strung Technique

Christy-Lyn Marais

Playing & Singing Technique

Linda Wood Rollo and Susann McDonald

The Legacy of Pedal Harp Technique

Dave Woodworth

Carbon harps - extend & ease your playing life!

John Metras

Meet the Cross-Strung Harp

Claire Happel

Harp & Alexander Technique

Angie Thusius

Kentro Body Balance for Harpists

Helen Webby

Daily Warm-up Technique

Diana Stork

Breathing & Technique

Rachel Hair

Technique in Scottish Music​

Sunita Staneslow

Feeling Technique - body-centered playing

Ann Heymann

Wire-Strung Harp Intensive

Judy Kadar

Historical Harp Technique

Mike Parker

Evolution of Harp Technique Through the Ages & how your technique evolves too!

Karen Gottlieb

Technique & Expression

Beth Kolle

Left Hand Technique

Motoshi Kosako

Jazz Harp Technique

Diana Rowan

Everyday FLOW Harp Technique Exercises

Harper Tasche

Technique for Small Harps

Natalia Mann

Harp Technique Fitness - technique from the inside out

Denise Grupp-Verbon

Harp Technique Refresher 101

Julia Kay Jamieson

Young at Harp Method (+ bonus section on single-action lever harp)

Amelia Romano

Electric Harp Technique

Maria Christina Cleary

Harp Pedaling - the art of quiet pedaling
Dr. Diana Rowan
Dr. Diana Rowan
Founder of Bright Knowledge Guild's Virtual Harp Summit & Bright Knowledge Harp Circle

As a teacher and performer, my Purpose is to help you reclaim your Inspiration

Inspiration is the fuel behind all lasting accomplishment.
Inspiration keeps your motivation strong for the long run.
Inspiration has you craving learning new things, expressing your true self deeper than ever.

All my courses and beloved Harp Circle are designed to fire up your Inspiration, so that your harp journey is one of joy and progress.

Welcome, I'm so glad you're here!

Course Curriculum

Welcome to VHS.2
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Day 1: Everyday Harping
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Day 3: Healthy Harping & Body Awareness
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