Virtual Harp Summit 3

Virtual Harp Summit.3

All-Access Pass | taught by Dr. Diana Rowan + 25 leading harpists

Course description


At VHS.1 we learned "How to Play with Expression & Creativity."

At VHS.2 we built on this, focusing on "Technique."

Now at VHS.3, use this powerful foundation to
dramatically improve your ability to "Arrange, Improvise & Compose."

Finally learn how to arrange your favorite songs, to improvise with confidence,  to compose with inspiration:

Come learn from harp teachers and performers who walk their talk.

Let's demystify Arranging, so that you can make songs your own, and find your personal harp voice/style.

Let's get you Improvising with ease and confidence, so you'll always have something to play, wherever you are.

Composing is perhaps the most intimidating topic of all: learn from us how you can contribute your beautiful voice to our harp world.

As you've come to expect from VHS, each top-notch VHS Presenter has been chosen because of their artistic abilities, teaching talents, and compassionate natures.

At VHS you learn in a way that is accessible, liberating and fun.

We can't wait to see what you start creating after VHS.3!

Your Presenters

Alice Giles

Best Practices for Composing on Harp

Tunde Jegede

Finding your Composing Voice

Jennifer Ellis

How to Improvise Solo

Siobhan Armstrong

Arranging in Early Irish Style

Jillian LaDage

Singing & Composing at the Harp

Mary Doumany

Harp as Orchestra

Sue Richards

Arranging Celtic Music

Sarah Voynow

Arranging, Improvising & Composing with a Looper

Aedan MacDonnell

Secret Chords of Celtic Music + how to play in a session

Angel Tolosa

Arranging, Improvising & Composing in Venezuelan Style

Sharon & Dave Thormahlen

Arranging for multiple levels

Laurence Furr

Fearless Improvisation

Erik Ask-Upmark

Arranging in Nordic Style: learn 2 Scandinavian songs

Vincente La Camera Marino

Improvising using Historical Basslines

Laurie Riley

Double Strung Harp Technique & Performance

Nathania Ko

Arranging, Improvising & Composing Music of the Silk Road & Konghou

Jocelyn Obermeyer

Using Modes in Healing Harp

Hannah Brockow

Using Modes in Healing Harp

Liza Wallace

Arranging Jazz/Latin Jazz Standards for Harp

Amy Turk

Arranging Pop Music for Harp

Diana Rowan

Using Poetry & Prayers to Compose

Deepak Ram

Classical Indian Music Secrets to Improvising, Arranging & Composing

Destiny Muhammad

Creating Large-Scale Projects & Working with Ensembles

Eve Rodolfi

Arranging Breton (and beyond!) Music and Style

Beth Kolle

Arranging & the Language of Music

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Dr. Diana Rowan
Dr. Diana Rowan
Founder of Bright Knowledge Guild's Virtual Harp Summit & Bright Knowledge Harp Circle

As a teacher and performer, my Purpose is to help you reclaim your Inspiration

Inspiration is the fuel behind all lasting accomplishment.
Inspiration keeps your motivation strong for the long run.
Inspiration has you craving learning new things, expressing your true self deeper than ever.

All my courses and beloved Harp Circle are designed to fire up your Inspiration, so that your harp journey is one of joy and progress.

Welcome, I'm so glad you're here!