Course Description


Every 6 months, we bring 25+ outstanding Presenters from all over the world straight into your living room, sharing all-new material.

We focus on 1 theme per summit, so that you experience true progress, playing with more beauty, power and ease after every VHS you attend.


VHS offers students & lifelong learners everywhere unprecedented
 access to today’s top harpists 

“An unparalleled learning experience for musicians”

Aaron Morin, Lead Product Educator from premier course platform Thinkific

VHS is eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEUs/CPUs) from 4 leading healing harp organizations

At VHS1 we learned How to Play with Expression & Creativity

At VHS2 we built on this, focusing on Technique

At VHS3 we used this powerful foundation to dramatically improve your Arranging, Improvising & Composing

At VHS4, we reclaim our roots:

how to achieve fruitful daily PRACTICE while learning how to practice with more motivation, ease & results

• how to PERFORM with joy & confidence say goodbye to performance anxiety & start sharing your music naturally

At VHS4 you access the very latest in harp teaching, creating and performing.

Candid, behind-the-scenes interviews and presentations make for an exciting, raw and unedited teaching and learning experience.

It’s the ultimate backstage pass into the Presenters’ homes/studios - the center of their creative life - for sessions that are both intimate and interactive.

Expect to make real and lasting change to your harp life by joining VHS.

As a grassroots movement created by harpists for harpists, supported by harpists, VHS offers a new paradigm of community, learning and creativity that uplifts all harpists:

“I wanted to democratize the learning experience,” says VHS founder Dr. Diana Rowan. 

“Making and sharing in music is one of the most joyous acts of the human experience. I wanted to make great teachers and performers available to people who live in places where such access is difficult, and to bring these artists into the world harp community.  This global community is an ongoing home for creativity and camaraderie.  VHS is also a platform that supports musicians, giving their work new exposure, as well as upholding and elevating the standard of excellence they bring to our art.”

Founder of Bright Knowledge Guild's Virtual Harp Summit & Bright Knowledge Harp Circle

Dr. Diana Rowan

As a teacher and performer, my greatest goal is to make lasting transformation real. This is very practical: I get my students to play better, with more power, confidence and sheer artistry. For my audiences, I take them on a deep internal journey, and they find themselves changed forever.

Course curriculum

  • 2


    • Daily Open House Hours 11am-1pm

    • Daily Open House Hours 4-6pm

    • Christina Tourin - The Star Program: a learning system for life

    • Mary Doumany - Getting into the Zone for Jazz

    • Lori Pappajohn - An Adult Beginner’s Painfully Slow, Patient, Zen Path to Fast Results

  • 3

    Day 2 : April 20 2018

    • Daily Open House Hours 11am-1pm

    • Daily Open House Hours 4-6pm

    • Sharon Thormahlen - Demystifying Memorization

    • Marianne Gubri - Meditation, Visualization & Mindset for Practice & Performance

    • Jennifer Ellis - How to Practice Rhythm for Harpists

  • 4

    Day 3: April 21 2018

    • Click Here to Access the Daily Open House Hours Links

    • Zeena Parkins - How Feedback in all its Forms helps Practice & Performance

    • Beth Kollé - The Connection Between Practice & Performance

    • Dennis Waring - Making Harps Accessible for Practice & Performance

  • 5

    Day 4: April 22 2018

    • Harper Tasche - How to Create Intimate, Magical Performances

    • Michael Levy - Ancient Wisdom Approaches to Practice & Performance

    • Sue Richards - Behind-the-Scenes look at how Sue practices!

  • 6

    Day 5: April 23 2018

    • Diana Rowan - Express Performance Mastery

    • Arianna Savall - Truly Listening: wisdom from early music practice & performance

    • Sarah Stern - How to Handle Practice & Performance Pressure: an orchestral harpist’s perspective

  • 7

    Day 6: April 24 2018

    • Amy Turk - Behind-the-Scenes look at how Amy practices!

    • Aedan MacDonnell - CPR of Performance: breathing life into your performing

    • Laura Simpson - Maintaining Stamina & Passion: full time performing for 50 years & still in love!

  • 8

    Day 7: April 25 2018

    • Jayne Demakos - Gregorian chant wisdom in Practice & Performance

    • Tunde Jegede -Practice & Performance Approaches Across Genres

    • Erik Ask-Upmark - Enhancing your performance (& practice) with ornaments, decorations & trills – guaranteed to fit all musical styles!

  • 9

    Day 8: April 26 2018

    • Laura Zaerr - Perfect Practice: how to maximize your minutes

    • Anouk Platenkamp - How to be Your Best Teacher

    • Thomas Schanie - New Perspectives on Harp Patterns: easier practice, arranging & memorization with this next-level method

  • 10

    Gifts & Downloadables

    • Christina Tourin

    • Mary Doumany

    • Lori Pappajohn

    • Sharon Thormahlen

    • Marianne Gubri

    • Jennifer Ellis

    • Beth Kolle

    • Harper Tasche

    • Michael Levy

    • Sue Richards

    • Diana Rowan

    • Amy Turk

    • Aedan MacDonnell

    • Jayne Demakos

    • Erik Ask-Upmark

    • Laura Zaerr

    • Anouk Platenkamp

    • Thomas Schanie

  • 11

    Social Hours

    • Social Hour #1 (1pm Friday, April 20, 2018) Replay

    • Social Hour #2 (1pm PDT Monday, April 23, 2018) Replay

    • Final Social Hour #3 (1pm PDT Thursday, April 26, 2018) Replay

  • 12


    • Masterclass #1 (4pm PT, Saturday, April 21) Replay

    • Masterclass #2 (1pm PT, Wednesday, April 25) Replay

  • 13


    • Christina Tourin

    • Mary Doumany

    • Sharon & Dave Thormahlen

    • Marianne Gubri

    • Jennifer Ellis

    • Harper Tasche

    • Michael Levy

    • Arianna Savall

    • Aedan MacDonnell

    • Laura Simpson

    • Beth Kolle

    • Anouk Platenkamp

    • Thomas Schanie

    • Dennis Waring

    • Diana Rowan

    • Sue Richards

    • Laura Zaerr

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