World Harp Techniques AFRICA

“This training is AMAZING! Loving the material so much! …. There is now so much more to weave into my compositions.” Shannon, Port Townsend WA

Why Learn World Harp Techniques?

World Harp Techniques are fascinating and fun to learn. You’ll experience a massive boost in your playing and creativity immediately.

World Harp Technique (WHT) courses:

  • are instantly available online when you purchase. No need to download!
  • suitable for any style and any level of playing
  • bring power and originality to your harp playing techniques
  • instantly bring your music to life!
  • unlock the true power of the harp and reveal your unique voice

WHT AFRICA, goes in-depth into African harp techniques, co-taught by 2 African harp masters, Daniel Berkman (West African harp: kora) & Temesgen Hussein (East African harp: krar & begena)

WHT Course Components:

  • 6 pre-recorded trainings of 2+ hours each
  • Summary videos of each session
  • Bonus videos on special topics + Q&A sessions
  • gorgeous eBook of scores of the techniques covered. Minimal notation reading required, many pictures!
  • invitation to join our Private WHT Facebook Page where you can meet with other world harpists to share your inspiration and questions with!
Dr. Diana Rowan
Dr. Diana Rowan
Founder of Bright Knowledge Guild's Virtual Harp Summit & Bright Knowledge Harp Circle

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Inspiration has you craving learning new things, expressing your true self deeper than ever.

All my courses and beloved Harp Circle are designed to fire up your Inspiration, so that your harp journey is one of joy and progress.

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WHT Course Testimonials

“I had so many new and wonderful ideas from you that I incorporated into my CD. The recording engineer commented on my improvement, and said my playing was ‘more sophisticated’ – definitely attributable to your training sessions! So, a HUGE thank you!! This course is just what I needed. It definitely added new colour to my playing, and I’m excited that I have been able to put so much of it straight into practice. Who knows…by the end of this course, I may have to go back and do another CD!!”
Jenni, Sydney, Australia

“This training is AMAZING! Loving the material so much! I am so grateful that it will be available to work with even after the live webinars, because I’d love to spend months with each session. This is exactly what I want to be learning! There is now so much more to weave into my compositions.”
Shannon, Port Townsend WA

“I am absolutely in love with these webinars. Just perfect! It’s amazing how wide a range your knowledge of world music is, from medieval to modern. These classes can be quite addictive I have to admit.”
Aileen, San Francisco CA